Creativity & Writing coach

You can read more about my background and work as a published writer and poet here.

My studies and experience also include script analysis, story development and screenwriting classes, and I have done film reviews for DC Shorts and DC Independent Film Festivals, as well as script evaluations for the Spotlight on Screenwriters Initiative (WIFV-DC).

I have a fascination with the way intimate relationships and male-female dynamics are portrayed in films, as well as with story and character development primarily from a psychological and transformational perspective.

In that sense, I cover women's themes like self-esteem, intimacy and relationship issues, marriage, divorce, and existential crisis,  as well as men's themes like intimacy, communication, sensitivity, social roles and stereotypes.

Some of the areas I coach and consult include:

Writing and the creative flow: addressing obstacles and clear confusion in the creative process whether it is for specific writing projects like books and scripts, or for personal expression, healing and empowerment

Book writing: overall vision and how the pieces come together, effortless writing, knowing your audience, what is next and authors' platform strategy

Story development: including target audience, intended message, story focus and format

Character Development: focusing on the transformational journey in drama/romance/action genres