Visionary Astrology

is a unique synthesis of my professional work, studies and life experiences over the past two decades that blends soul-centered astrology with transpersonal psychology and holistic living principles, giving you practical guidance to better

  • navigate life challenges, both personal and professional
  • understand your purpose, creative expression and natural affinities
  • increase self-awareness and self-reflection
  • focus on your strengths and capitalize on your experiences
  • be inspired and inspire others

Especially if you are between 36-54 years young, preparing to enter or already in the mid-life crisis cycle, this kind of consultation will support you to both move forward in an irresistible way and to make the best of your unique experiences and wisdom,  so that you lead by example and enjoy a fulfilling life for years to come! 

In modern societies a "mid-life" crisis has negative connotation, and more often than not it is linked to behaviors that bring shame and create confusion and pain.  However, in its original term, a mid-life crisis originates from specific astrological transits of the major planets (Pluto, Uranus, Neptune/Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron) over a period of time for the only purpose to build character, courage, integrity and a purpose-driven life.

The Greek word "crisis" means discernment, which is a quality that develops and is enhanced as we understand who we are and what we are here to do. Unfortunately though we do not often "see" current role models who can demonstrate that this period of time is both pregnant with possibilities and unique for each one of us. Usually it is after the fact that we can look back and appreciate the learning.

I personally have been fascinated by the mid-life crisis concept, both through my own experiences and through studying the lives of exceptional pioneers such as Carl Jung, Georgia O'Keeffe, C..P Cavafy, who became who they are known for today while through their early 40s experiences. 

This is why I believe it is paramount to have a mentor - especially if you are a creative, a thought leader or someone who longs to make a difference - who will help you understand what happens during this cycle and how it is unique for you.  One who will also give you practical tools to make the most of your experiences and gifts so that you can co-create a fulfilling life and effect change for generations to come.  

It was amazing! I highly recommend Liliane Mavridara to anyone wanting to know more about the astrology of their soul.       
Elizabeth Rightor MA, MEd,

Visionary AstroWisdom - Individual (60 min)

This is the initial consultation providing an overview of your natal chart's blueprint focusing on your questions, plus

  • how to understand & take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, and
  • how to clarify your priorities and stay on track with your personal & professional goals

*** Your exact time of birth, date and location are required.

*** Once you book your appointment, I will send you a simple questionnaire to fill out so that I can best prepare to support you during our time together.

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Visionary AstroWisdom - Solar Return (60 min) is for existing clients who wish to explore the specific blueprint of their new birthday year.  This consult is practical, giving you an understanding of the highlighted themes for the year as well as the opportunities presented and how to take advantage of them.

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Visionary AstroWisdom - Relationships/Couples (60 min)

This consult may be done in one of two ways; a) using your natal chart as the foundation, we look at the other person’s chart and influence, ie how you experience the other person, why there may be certain challenges and how you can work with them, as well as the opportunities for growth within the specific relationship dynamic. Or, b) looking at both charts (both partners will be present), exploring the common themes, challenges and creative ways you can work with them, as well as the opportunities for growth.

For further information please email me. 

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