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I believe that life’s essence is all about love, starting from self-love.

And that if we are to transform the way we experience intimate relationships, we must be willing to visit the depths of our psyche to learn who we are and what we truly long for.

The Way We Love Now is an exploration of this journey, through poetry, and what it takes to find the kind of love we want to live.

This book of poetry explores the universal theme of a human searching for love. Who among us hasn’t yearned and longed and lusted for that feeling of deep connection and of joining with another?

Liliane’s poetry reminds us that this search can be as specific as looking for another human being to share our life with or as deep as the universal, human longing to connect to the divinity that lies within each of us….a transcendent joining of heaven and earth.

From the Foreword by Karen Johannsen, MA.

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