"It was amazing! I highly recommend Liliane Mavridara to anyone wanting to know more about the astrology of their soul."

Elizabeth Rightor MA, MEd, www.ElizabethRightor.com

"I'd like to put a shout out to Liliane Mavridara, a wonderful Holistic Life Coach who did my Astrological chart - something I haven't even discussed in maaaany years. It was a great start to the year - it provided clarity, resolution and validation for my goals."

Heather G, Washington, DC.

"Liliane has been a wonderful mentor for both personal and business aspects of my life. She has provided me with practical tools to move forward on my new life path and follow my dreams. What I appreciate is that she listens without judgment and reminds me when I am going back to old patterns how to stay on track. I always look forward to meeting with her for our scheduled time together."

Diane B. Athanasiou, Diamandu Vitality & Diamandu Designs

"Liliane Mavridara is truly a speaker that comes from the heart, letting her amazing wisdom in creative empowerment shine through.  She will move and dazzle your audience."

Rosie "the Closer" Zepeda, Creator of Compelling Conversations™ that convert, www.rosiethecloser.com

"Beautifully orchestrated presentation. Delightful energy and style. Thank you for sharing your wisdom."

 Linda Lenore, Feng Shui Master, Professional Speaker & Author, www.LindaLenore.com

 "It was heart-delivered and inspirational! Just what our members have come to expect-talks that bring value to their lives and help them see greater possibilities."

JoAnn Quilala, Co-Lead Director, Peninsula Mastery For Women

 "Liliane is a powerful speaker who engages her audience with both her words and her personal warmth. She's insightful, thought provoking, speaks with grace, poise, humor and humility. Thank you for making a difference in my life!

 Lynn Kirkham,  Creator of Yes, You Can Speak! 


For Testimonials about my writing work click here

below are some testimonials from my private practice, group facilitation and workshops in Orange County, CA and Seattle,WA.

From Go for the Business Success You Want workshop, co-facilitated with Lorayne Ham for Biznik/Seattle

The workshop, "Go for the Business Success You Want" was well organized and presented by Lilian and Lorayne, two gifted women who clearly have creative love in their hearts. The work we did was unique and inspiring. Thank you Lilian and Lorayne.

Mary A, Seattle, WA

I attended one of Lilian's workshops and found her ability to read between the lines, and accurately interpret my underlying messages in such a caring way, quite remarkable.

Nina B, Seattle, WA

From Shift Your Perspective Now Program, co-facilitated with Lorayne Ham

"I've read the books, heard the lectures and watched the shows, but nothing really happened until I took The Shift workshop with Lorayne Ham and Lillian Mavridara. They are a powerfully gifted duo that will take you from feeling like an old, forgotten heirloom in a dusty attic to a newly discovered treasure on the showroom floor. Anything that makes you feel like a million bucks is worth every penny!"

Marlowe T. Brown, Marketing Consultant, Seattle, WA

"My eyes have been opened! Opened to the possibilities that I can now create in my life with the “SHIFT”.  At first, I had trouble visualizing how things could change or shift for me, but now I see that all possibilities are there when I allow them to happen.  I know I would never have experienced it without this wonderful Shift in my life."

Maria Quinteiro, Windermere Realtor, Lynnwood, WA

From Muscle Testing Basics,  Continuing Education Workshops

"Very thorough in basic Muscle Testing!"

Ruth, Seattle, WA

"Lilian was very on task, clarifying exactly what was requested.  Her focus was clear, organized, task oriented and simultaneously intuitive. Lilian clearly knows what she is doing and makes it pleasurable."

Laura, Vashon Is, WA

From Life without Limits Workshop-Jan 2009, co-facilitated with Melissa Wadsworth

"The flow of the workshop was wonderful. I discovered/uncovered key issues holding me back from creating my life anew.  I now have the tools to move forward."

Lorayne, Seattle, WA

"Melissa & Liliane combined their knowledge, wisdom and expertise to lead me to new levels of awareness and direction for the future."

Janice, Seattle, WA

"This workshop could not have come at a better time in my life.  It has given me clarity & inspiration to like my goal everyday, and the tools I need to make it happen today & everyday!"

Alexis, Seattle, WA

From my private holistic health practice, teaching and group facilitation in Orange County, CA

"Lilian's prenatal yoga class was by far the best thing I did for myself and my baby during my pregnancy.  I looked forward to it every week and I went twice a week when my schedule allowed.  The yoga practice kept me from getting too stiff and achy; it helped me keep my mood elevated when hormones were throwing me for a curve and it connected me to my breath and my baby in a very gently, loving, peaceful way.  It also provided a safe way to work out and clear instructions for daily stretches to do at home.  Lilian is constantly adding to her already vast wealth of information supporting conscious pregnancy by going to trainings and conferences, reading and researching the latest literature.  She always offers her findings and information to her students.  Her wisdom, concern, groundedness and humor always made me feel reassured and centered.  I recommend her classes without hesitation whether you have practiced yoga for years or this is your first time trying it.  And once you have your baby, the postnatal class is a wonderful way to come home to self once again after tending tirelessly to your new baby.  It is wonderful to be in a class with other mommies and babies and be able to stretch, breathe, hear beautiful music and play with your baby, soothe your baby or nurse her or change her diaper if you need to.  Another great way to stay connected, grounded and centered in a very supportive, nurturing environment."
Amy, Licensed Psychotherapist, Orange County, CA

"Lilian's approach to prenatal guidance is honesty.  She instructs from experience and guides with her heart.   My husband and I had a general philosophy by which we wanted to live our lives and we wanted to raise our child (a natural and loving environment starting from the womb being our number one priority). Through my weekly prenatal yoga sessions Lilian helped us achieve our goal. She helped me find comfort within by body & taught me about natural remedies to common pregnancy ailments. Beyond that she helped prepare my husband for the realities of the amazing birthing process. We all learned to appreciate every moment of the birthing process.   Even now that our son is 4 months old and we've moved far away from Lilian we keep in touch and we are all very thankful for having her in our lives."
Kerissa, Philadelphia, PA

"Pre-natal yoga was probably one of the best things I did during pregnancy. I truly believe that my relative lack of physical discomfort during pregnancy compared to many of my friends was because of regular yoga practice. During labor, positions to alleviate back pain and help widen the pelvis were already second nature to me from class. Learning to stay calm and focused, and being comfortable in a squatting position were critical things that helped me move the baby into the birth canal and avoid a C-section.  Aside from the physical benefits, Lilian created a sense of community within the class and it was an important source of emotional support (and new friends!) for me during pregnancy. It's been wonderful to see the same women again in the post-natal classes.

My husband and I took the pre-natal couples class and loved it. My husband was very happy to learn what he could do to help me during labor. Lilian emphasized communication and bonding, which helped us feel more like a team as we worked through physical positions."
Nancy A, Orange County, CA

"The prenatal yoga class was relaxing, strengthening and calming.  It was great to be with a like group of women who took some time to express what was good for them in the past week.  The shared experiences and camaraderie within the class made me feel a part of a group.  Lilian's encouragement that the pregnancy (and birthing) process was natural and beautiful made it all less fearful.  Overall, it was a very worthwhile experience both spiritually and physically."
Carrie, Orange County, CA

"My favorite aspect of Lilian's pre- and post-natal yoga classes is the group atmosphere she fosters.  Not only is the class an opportunity to get some exercise and maintain balance, but it is also a chance to compare notes with other mothers sharing similar experiences.  Lilian creates an incredibly supportive environment and addresses the needs of class attendees by encouraging us to talk about how we're doing each week."
Sarah, Orange County, CA

"I could not be happier to have joined Lilian's prenatal yoga class. It was certainly more thana series of exercises for pregnant women. I greatly benefited from all the information related to pregnancy, birth and postnatal period that Lilian shared, and I cherished the opportunity to learn from other women at different pregnancy stages and share my own weekly experiences. The exercises and the relaxation routine equipped me with a set of skills that have helped prepare my body and mind for one of the most important events of my life. I would recommend the class to all pregnant women - it is a terrific investment in your and your baby's well-being. Thanks for all your efforts, dedication and care, Lilian!"
Nina, Orange County, CA

"Exercise was a word not in my vocabulary prior to diagnosis.  My neurologist suggested that I “use it or lose it.”  That turned out to be one of the best pieces of advice I received.  I now organize my day around my training where I do 2 days each of cardio/strength training and 1 day of yoga.  My pain and symptoms have gotten less intense and when I do have a bad day, the symptoms don’t last as long as they used to.

By the end of the week I really look forward to Friday’s yoga class.  I use it as my reward and my time to relax and focus on my body.  After completing the hour class, I feel grounded, and have a fresh start of the day.  Not only has it helped with balance and flexibility but my husband would agree that it brings calm and patience into my life. 

Recently, I had to have a lumbar puncture.  Anyone who’s had one knows they are not the most pleasant of tests to go through.  The relaxation techniques I learned through Lilian, are what got me through the uncomfortable and scary test.  I have been extremely pleased with Lilian, her knowledge, support and being able to accommodate the wide variety of physical needs of the various clients in the class. This is what keeps me coming back.  I look forward to continuing health through yoga."
Charlene V, Orange County, CA

"Lilian Mavridara really knows her stuff!  She takes the time to know each class member individually and integrates each woman's concerns (whether emotional, physical, health related or related to the child) seamlessly into the group as a whole, providing insights that are useful to the individual and the group.  She creates a warm, trust-filled environment that really strengthens both mind and body.  I had a lot of worries and anxiety during my pregnancy but could count on class to help me manage that and always felt much, much better after class.  She also provided us with tools to maintain our practice outside of class.  During the pregnancy I felt strong and I think much more comfortable and able than if I had not been practicing yoga, and that strength carried thorough during my labor and recovery as well. I also found the breathing control and techniques I had learned were very helpful during labor.  My postnatal experience was also excellent; Lillian again had an excellent understanding of our needs and created a very happy, warm environment for the moms and babies.  The class helped me physically with stretching and strengthening, but was also a great opportunity for me as a new Mom to do something positive for myself, get out of the house, and have a fun interaction with the other mom's and babies."
Merydith, Orange County, CA

"I started my prenatal yoga class with Lilian when I was in my 4th month and stayed with it to the end. I was looking forward to my class every time. It was a time for me and my baby alone. I loved beginning of each class when Lilian was checking with each of us how far are we and what are our concerns. Lilian would always have a good advice for every problem or discomfort any of us pregnant ladies would complain about. She is very calm, confident and very caring person. I would come to class all lazy and sleepy and exit all energized and happy. I felt like I could carry a horse:) Yoga studio is very clean and it is a small class. I would recommend this class to everyone with a full confidence."
Leila, Orange County, CA

"What I have discovered and enjoyed about the pre/postnatal classes is that Lilian Mavridara is extremely knowledgeable in her field of expertise and is continuously researching the latest information of organic health and fitness and pre/postnatal care, which she shares with her clients.  In her classes, she creates an atmosphere of support and guidance as each session begins with "checking in", a moment when each mother talks about the emotional, physical, and psychological progressions of pregnancy or of postnatal care and recovery.  Lilian also has a special and unique spirit as she is highly sensitive and very in-tuned with the needs of both the mothers and their babies as she guides them through the various yoga poses.  She works in the "present moment", never imposing a planned and rehearsed schedule of exercises.  I thoroughly enjoy Lilian's classes and always look forward to re-connecting with myself and with my son during that wonderful, magical hour!"
Heather, Orange County, CA

"I had a beautiful pregnancy thanks to Liliane's prenatal yoga class. Liliane inspired me to maintain balance and have more peace in my life and with my pregnancy. I had a wonderful bonding experience throughout the pregnancy.  The yoga was a benefit to me and my unborn child.  Liliane’s postnatal yoga with baby class has been an extension of the prenatal class.  I learn from Liliane how to be a better mom. The bonding between mother and baby continues in postnatal class.  I believe that Liliane’s classes are a strong foundation for a more joyful life."
Beth, Orange County, CA

"I recall the first time I took a yoga class.  I didn’t know what to expect and certainly was not in any kind of physical condition that would allow me to wrap my legs around my head three times or stand on one knuckle while spinning on my left ear. My nervous tension was immediately relieved when I met my instructor, Liliane Mavridara.  Her tranquil voice and gentle demeanor had an immediate calming effect and quickly silenced my noisy inner voice.

Liliane led that class as she has led every other yoga class I’ve taken by respecting her students, our abilities, and most of all…our bodies. While guiding us through each posture, she describes the benefits to our systems.  She emphasizes the importance of proper breathing as this is primary to Hatha Yoga. She makes corrections to our improper form and does not allow us to move in a way that is not good for our own particular bodies.

As I have been taking Liliane’s gentle yoga classes for about three years now, it is difficult for me to remember a time when I haven’t been so relaxed by the end of class that I haven’t fallen into a light slumber.  Following her relaxation session, I wake up at the end of each practice with her saying, “Namaste” and always feel like I have done something wonderful for my body. I take a deep breath and always find myself in a very peaceful state of mind.

Liliane is a marvelous yoga teacher who has helped me cope with stressful days and busy weeks. She is a thoughtful, gentle soul who has our best interest at heart and provides a safe environment in which we can refresh and renew our bodies. For this, I am very grateful to Liliane Mavridara."
Chris,  Orange County, CA