The role of a Mentor has been paramount in the Greek culture since Ancient Times.  All Heroes/Heroines had mentors, some of which were more peculiar than others like Chiron. Throughout history, mentors were invited to educate and guide individuals on their path and it was much more than learning a single skill, i.e. playing the harp, for which a trade teacher was hired instead. It was about guiding, teaching and passing on the tools and philosophy that would make a difference not only in the individual's life but also in society and the cosmos at large!

Mentors held a holistic vision for their mentees, whose physical-emotional-mental-spiritual health was of paramount importance.  There was an understanding that dis-harmony in any of these four levels would cause stress and disease, and many times they themselves had training in multiple, complimentary fields. They also looked in the science of astrology, as the macrocosm could be mirrored or captured in the microcosm of an individual's life, focusing on his/her innate gifts, talents and natural affinities.

I consider myself a visionary, both because of my clients' and students' feedback over the years, and of how I perceive things and glimpse behind circumstances, seeing the infinite possibilities available to all when connected to one’s heart and truth.  My mercurian mind thrives on the synthesis of various fields and principles that show the interconnection of everything - the cause and effect of our thoughts, words and actions- and my life’s work is based on the premises “as above, so below - as within, so without.”  Moreover,

A Visionary Mentor is one who

  • sees in you what you don't see in yourself;
  • helps you understand what is going on in your life and creatively put the various pieces together;  
  • tracks you in your thinking process and self-talk;
  • reminds you of your purpose when you get weighed down by daily tasks and forget the bigger picture;
  • guides you to make a difference by who you are while raising the consciousness for humanity and the planet.

Who is this for?

In my work over the last two decades, I have found that women who feel the inner calling to make a difference and change lives, face bigger challenges because more often than not, what they want to do is considered crazy, unheard of or with no prior history. Plus, "it" may require them to go against established roles and social expectations thus causing crises in all areas of their lives. 

It is necessary to understand that longing to become more and to contribute to a greater whole is a healthy, natural and necessary step in our evolution, and the choice to follow through or not may denote the success and fulfillment of our life.  

This kind of mentorship is for women who long to make a difference, whether they know exactly what that is or not; who are highly creative and may work with groups or produce multi-platform projects (like films); who are either culturally diverse or work internationally; who are between 34-54 (because of the specific astrological transits that enhance transformation and alignment with one's purpose); who long for fulfilling relationships, are independent, sensitive, tend to be perfectionists, and are willing to do what it takes to manifest their vision and live a fulfilling purpose-driven life. 

Why work with me?

  • I have been there through experience, study and practice
  • I am a critical thinker and a practical visionary, integrating both right and left hemispheres
  • I synthesize universal principles with the best traits of American leading edge entrepreneurship, the European culture and Greek savoir-vivre
  • I have an eclectic educational background with diverse industry experience and professional work in multi-cultural communities in US and Europe
  • I apply the same principles in my life I mentor and talk about, striving to lead by example

What you will get:

An out of the box approach, mindset tools for a life time, and the support of someone who:

  • listens to you and acknowledges what you don't readily see in yourself
  • holds your hand when you are afraid to step up and out of your comfort zone
  • wakes you up when you self-sabotage, second-guess and question yourself
  • keeps you accountable for practically manifesting  your dreams
  • prompts you to keep on keeping on

How To Work 1on1 With Me? 

Two options based on your individual needs and vision. Please look at each program description and feel free to contact me for further information.


Visionary Astrology For The Female Soul