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March 2015, FEMME movie screening and panel Q&A with Liliane Mavridara Moderator, and post-interview with Director Emmanuel Itier and Dawn Zuill. Watch on YouTube.

August 23, 2013 - Behind The Mind Radio Show Interview with Hosts Karen Baker & Anthony Leonard on "Creativity, Leadership and Holistic Branding"-

Abundant Souls Academy presents Soul-Centered Success: Interview with Liliane Mavridara - February 15, 2013

PowerWomen Blog Talk Radio Interview with Host Deb Bailey on "Astrology & Women" - November 12, 2012

Mastery For Women-Successful Thinkers National Saturday Morning Call, on Using Astrology To Understand Major Turning Points In Your Life - September 22, 2012

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Host David Zarza and Liliane Mavridara on the "Multidimensional You" - September 24, 2008

Conscious Talk Radio Interview with Hosts Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears, on "Transformational Kinesiology and the Power of Intention" - October 13, 2008

My Books & Co-Authored Books

The Way We Love Now, A Poetic Trilogy Capturing The Heart's Journey To Find True Love (2013)

Live Brightly, A Spiritual Guide For Women: How To Move From Dissatisfaction And Loneliness To Integrity, Joy And Right Relations (2010)

Co-Author of the Amazon Bestseller The Gratitude Book Project; Celebrating 365 Days Of Gratitude (2011 & 2012 Editions)

Co-Author of “The Gratitude Book Project: A Celebration of Personal Heroes” (2011 ed.)  

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Articles published in Today's Woman, a Southern California print magazine

Article Contributor to The Mars Effect 2014, The Annual Guide from Planet Waves & Listen 2013, The Annual Guide from Planet Waves

Article Contributor for 2013 to SIBYL Magazine: For the Spirit & Soul Of Woman 

Inspirational Columnist for Women Scope Magazine (2013)

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