You are in the right place if you are a Creative Woman 

And you can relate to any of the following:

  • You know you are different; you've felt that all your life, perhaps from school days when you were seen as an outcast or the weird one!
  • You have questioned your intuition because you couldn't be "so wrong" or "so right!"
  • You have compromised your wishes and needs in your intimate relationship, perhaps what you knew to be true in your heart, hoping things will change!
  • You have tried to fit in a business model because you were told "these are well tested systems," to find you did not connect to it, losing your enthusiasm and falling into paralysis!
  • You have been disappointed because you have a vision and want to make a difference, but feel either alone in the process or the lack of practical support to move towards your dreams! 

If you noded yes to any of the above statements,

And you know you are intuitive, creative and want to make a difference but get stuck in situations (with yourself, intimate other, work) that drain you and leave you uninspired, confused, overwhelmed...Please know this:

You Are Not Alone!

I have been there, I have walked in those shoes. I found myself in corporate environments where I compromised over and over again because I thought that's how it is; I stayed in a long marriage because I believed I could do this right and make things work out; I followed others' opinions and suggestions as to how I should run my own business only to find I was repeatedly disappointed because my vision was not understood. This led me in shitty circles, taking no action whatsoever and feeling a failure.

My journey and testing from the Universe has always been, and still is, about listening to what I know to be true in my heart even if it makes no sense! I have started anew multiple times, challenging myself to step into the unknown and create what I envision instead of what is expected or suggested.

Through my own journey I know what it takes to go against all odds to follow the longing in one's heart!

And it is from this place that I aspire to guide you understand and develop the tools unique to you to stay heart-centered with what inspires and nurtures you, so that you feel fulfilled, make a difference, and live the life you want, at all levels! 

I believe that creativity is the inherent source of inspiration and fulfillment with oneself, in intimate relationships and in business

I believe that your heart holds all the answers and is the compass to take you to uncharted lands, helping you remember who you truly are in your essence

I believe that life’s journey is all about love, starting from self-love, and relationships that nurture co-creation, beauty and joy

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