Your philosophy is a way of looking at the Universe that guides you in daily life. You probably won't find it in text books.  Richard Bach

The above quote is one of my very favorite inspirations. In a nutshell,  I am a practical visionary who loves traveling and adventure, cultural variety and mental stimulation, inspiration and writing, and being in community with like- minded people from all walks of life.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and high achievers (an almost recovered perfectionist),  born and raised in Greece where I learned the art of enjoying life, the importance of social support,  and the results of social conditioning and expectations.  I also got deeply influenced since childhood by the rich culture coming forth through philosophy and astrology, natural medicine and homeopathy, dreams and consciousness, parapsychology and mysticism.

Through my own journey, including life and work in US for two decades in diverse communities, I have come to realize that everything revolves around the theorem, "Know Thyself so that You May Know Thy Universe." I believe that you can fulfill your purpose in this lifetime only when you know deep within who you are, what makes you respond and react, what makes you love, laugh, cry, create...what stirs your soul and makes you alive...what inspires you to become more...

Lastly, I believe that life's essence is all about love, starting from self-love and respect, and relationships that nurture co-creation, beauty and joy, which in turn create freedom and right relations with all kingdoms. 

What do I focus on and why?

My passion and vision is to see more women grounded in their feminine power and wisdom,  leading by example and sharing who they are, and their story, while changing the world one person at a time. 

There are three areas I address synergistically throughout my work whether writing, coaching or consulting.

Creativity is an expression of one's being, starting from how you breathe, express and live your life, to how you communicate and bring forth your greater work.  Spiritual Creativity is the kind of creativity that results from getting to know oneself through the tests and trials of being on the Path, and from the wisdom acquired throughout the mid-life transformational period. The use of Soul-Centered Astrology is a powerful tool to understand transitions and how to practically harness innate talents, strengths and challenges so that you take ownership for and co-create your life at will. 

Right Human Relations is a Universal Law and in practical terms it starts from the relationship you have with yourself. How you treat yourself and your life is how you treat everyone and everything else.

"Consider how you relate to yourself and how you treat yourself... this is the basis for how you relate to work and creativity, money and wealth, friends and intimate others, the environment and the world," from Live Brightly, A Spiritual Guide For Women.


One of the most inspirational events I have attended-July 2012 with KC Baker- celebrating the power of women's voices when they speak from their heart!

Feminine leadership: There is an inherent power that comes through when a woman is grounded in who she is, leading from her own knowing and wisdom.  

Now more than ever, there is a great need for female role models leading as women, so that future generations know what that looks like and can seek the endless opportunities in all fields of endeavor, whether education, health, business, politics or entertainment.

It is time to redefine what Women's Leadership looks like and its long lasting effect when intuition blends with expertise, and knowledge blends with compassion. 

We, women, are shaping the world from the way we ask for what we want to the way we give birth, make films, manage companies and lead a nation.  The inner force and energy that supports all these stages is one and the same, available and ready to be harnessed. 

The world is ready, let's move forward with courage, awareness and responsibility!