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The above quote is one I am very aligned with; I come from a family of entrepreneurs and high achievers (an almost "recovered perfectionist"),  born and raised in Greece where I learned the art of enjoying life, the importance of social support,  and the results of social conditioning and expectations. 

Through my own journey, including living and working in US for 20+ years, I have come to realize that everything revolves around the theorem, "Know Thyself so that You May Know Thy Universe." I believe that you can fulfill your purpose in this lifetime only when you know deep within who you are, what makes you respond and react, what makes you love, laugh, cry, create...what stirs your soul and makes you alive...what inspires you to become more.

It is from this mindset that I live my life and express creatively in the world, seeking to lead by example.

Below you will find more about the main lines of my work, and further information as needed. 



Throughout my writing, whether prose and poetry or essays and books, I focus on personal development, conscious living and relationships.

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The Way We Love Now, A Poetic Trilogy Capturing The Heart's Journey To Find True Love, here.

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     holistic Coach

     holistic Coach

I have studied and worked with different counseling and healing modalities which I engage depending on individual needs.

The focus may be on mind-body health & stress management, intimacy & communication, life & business direction, self-esteem & empowerment, or tools to navigate life transitions.

For more on holistic coaching go here, for visionary astrology here, and for my background and tools I use here.

   Group facilitator

   Group facilitator

I have worked with groups in different capacities, from teaching yoga classes to facilitating mind-body workshops, from speaking to women's groups to moderating community engagement panels, and from teaching continuing education for health professionals to facilitating mastermind sessions for entrepreneurs.

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